Our new Lavish Limo

by | 17 Jun 2018 | News

We are so excited to share with you, the purchase of our new lavish limousine!

You may be surprised to learn that this limousine once started out as an American Ford Excursion, basically a 4×4. It was then cut in half, stretched by 140 inches and shipped over to the UK – just like that! Once it reached the UK, by law, it could be used to carry up to eight passengers although there was space for 16. So, the limousine went back into the garage to be worked on so that it’s build was in-line with EU regulation rather than American legislation.

Once the seat belts were fitted, emissions were checked, the dimensions and support inspected there was only another 48 points to get right and tick off the list. Not so easy eh? They did it though, the limo was awarded its COIF (Certificate of Initial Fitness).

The lavish limousine was fully refurbished last year; new plush black carpets to accentuate the colour changing dance floor, grey quilted seating outlined in black and refitted LED lite bars holding our lavish Champagne flutes. The icing on our cake is the state-of-the-art Bluetooth system allowing you to connect your phone.

Since it’s been in our hands we’ve had it inspected mechanically (simply routine, and the law), it’s been lovingly washed, waxed and polished ready to share with those who like to party in a different kind of way! We love our lavish limo and look forward to sharing our pride and joy with you and your guests.

If you wish to look at the limousine then just get in touch – we’d love to show you round ?