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COVID-19 Business Update

by | 12 Jul 2020 | News

I can be certain that none of us saw what 2020 had in store for us, a pandemic, who knew?!

Halfway through our second year, this January, we looked at the bookings we had and were proud to see that our little business was seeing incredible growth. Our new 13-seater was proving just as popular as the original Lavish limo – amazing! In swoops March and we find ourselves in lockdown along with the rest of the country.

Rest assured we have not let COVID stop us, we have been preparing ready for reopening so that we can make sure both our customers and staff feel safe. We wanted to share with you how we are working to reduce your risk when you travel with us.


  1. Air Purifiers (up to HEPA standard) – we have installed units that cleanse the air you are surrounded by every 10 minutes. It will be running before we get to you so when you step in it has already been cleansed, and it will then continue to run throughout your hire.
  2. Air Conditioning & Fans – already installed but now a must to enable the air to circulate.
  3. Open Windows – we will leave these slightly ajar again to help circulation of the air.
  4. Privacy Screen – this is between you and the driver. This will always need to remain up.
  5. Hand Sanitiser – we have plenty of it and it will be available to you and the driver.
  6. Face Coverings – we will ask that you bring your own face mask to wear whilst in the limousine, without a mask you will not be legally allowed to travel with us.
  7. Cleaning – we already had a strict regime in place, cleaning between each hire anyway however we will take this further by also disinfecting all drink bottles we are supplying.
  8. Champagne Glasses – like usual they will be put through a hot wash before loading into the bars however we will only provide the exact number of glasses needed in relation to the number of passengers travelling with us.
  9. Music – usually we provide a device that has our Spotify loaded on it for you to use at your leisure. You will not have access to the device so we can either pre-set a playlist for you or you can connect any of your own devices.


As time goes on and things change, we will review all our measures and adapt as we are expected to.

Whilst we are not yet able to operate as only “essential travel” is permitted we are looking to next year so continue to take bookings. If you have a celebration in mind and would like to use us, contact us for a quote and to secure your date (as you can imagine many of this year’s bookings are rescheduling into next year so the diary is filling).

Lastly, a huge thank you from us to everyone who has rescheduled their hire rather than cancelling, you are helping to support a small business that genuinely loves helping people make memories.